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Marcie Burnett, owner and maker of the natural based soaps and other sundries, was referred to 3S Design from another client. She first came on board for her future website desires. Upon reviewing her product labels which she was making on her own, I felt it was necessary to make some design changes so that the Apothecary look and feel for today’s target market fit the brand.

Marcie loved this idea. We immediately began the search for the right type of Apothecary type labels that would look appropriate and also work well within her budget. 3S Design stumbled upon Online Labels. Bulk labels in various medium finish types can be ordered along with usage of their print setup program as the labels can be done from home on an inkjet or laser printer.

For Marcie’s product labels, we used the paper bag type of substrate. It has a rough feel and works great for the apothecary look.

The overall product label design consists of her logo, an apothecary feel using simple design elements such as the vintage elements. Mordred font was used for the product name & info.

As we are working on her WP Woocommerce online store/blog, imagery was necessary. I teamed up with a local photog. Melinda Weir for her assistance with product shots (Scroll back up and click arrows on the sides of the Logo – it’s a gallery!). We used my kitchen floor which has a barn wood scraped look and feel to it in order to help give the “apothecary and natural” appearance.

The Prairie Apothecary Co.  has seen dramatic products sales growth through vendor fairs and boutique shops in her area of Walnut Grove, MN since the package re-design. Her customer’s love the packaging and products!

Watch for her website launch coming towards the end of August, 2015. She has created a business fb page  and will soon be adding product shots and info.

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Test shot taken by 3S Design

What Marcie has to say about working with 3S Design

Erica really tuned into the theme I wanted for my product! She makes the process fun, not stressful.
Marcie- The Prairie Apothecary Co.

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