We design high-end Wordpress websites along with other design services for small to midsize businesses!

3S Design is open during the COVID-19 Outbreak and will work remotely with you!

Common Questions

With great answers!

How long does it take to build a website?

A website can take between 1 week to 4 months to build. Our typical implementations take about 2 months. There are several factors that determine the duration of our project:

  • We work on your time clock so we will move as quickly as you have time. Whether that means you want to move quickly or take additional time.
  • Dependent on how many requirements we have for your site and if these requirements change through out the project.

(These are just a few of the questions we are asked the most from our clients before they decide to come over. We will continue to add to this list as we continue to connect personally with new clients and listen to their specific needs.)

If my website is being hosted elsewhere, can I move over to 3S Design?

Yes, in fact we receive much of our business like this. Why? Because when you find out that we not only host your site we also pay for your domain, give you custom emails and technical support through the year and we do this at a cost that is lower then other hosting services.

Our contact information is located on the home page of our website, at the bottom of this page or you can fill out a support ticket.

How can I get discounted or FREE hosting?

Once you are a host client with 3S Design, you are eligible for our client referral program. When you refer a someone and they sign a standard host and maintenance agreement with us, you will receive $25.00 off your next years maintenance fee. Refer a second and receive another $25.00 off. You can continue this until you are no longer paying hosting fee’s and as long as those who were referred are still clients with 3S design we will continue to give you the referral discounts.

How does my Custom emails work?

So lets say your domain was called “mydomain.com”.  We can give you emails with your domain in it. For example, info@mydomain.com or john@mydomain.com. There are several ways you can access your emails and we recommend you look into all of them:

  • You can always access your email be going to www.mydomain.com/webmail/
  • You can choose to set up your email on your smart phone. There is some set up but we will assist you.
  • You can use your favorite email client such as outlook or my favorite thunderbird(its free by the way).
  • You can set up your gmail account to send and receive emails direct from your email account.

All of the options (with exception to the first option) will require  some setup but don’t worry. We will help you. Many of our clients choose a combination of the options above. That way you can access your email where ever you are with any device.

How do I manage my site once its live?

First and foremost we understand that your job is not to focus on the technical aspect of your site, its ours. That’s why as a 3S Design Customer we will support your site with any questions you have through the year. Having said that, we will also train you in on how you can make periodic updates to your site as needed.  We will set up an account for you with limited access(let us do they heavy lifting and protects you from making updates that could significantly impact your site).  We will then show you how to administer your site on demand.

And by the way, we are backing up your site daily.