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July 19, 2017
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Website Host and Maintenance Contract (Amended)

This agreement is for Greg Simelgor as of 07/19/17 by and between MN Ketamine Clinic and 3S Design.

Services: Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement, 3S Design agrees to provide services outlined below.

  •  Website maintenance – Host and maintain the MN Ketamine Clinic Website on 3S Design Shared Server space with SiteGround.
  •  Domain registration and transfer of the domain names www.mnketamine.com and www.minnesotaketamine.com. (Maintenance contract needs to be active and valid).   Domain name is staying on clients GoDaddy account for now. For each domain name above the main domain name, 3S Design charges $15 annually for hosting.
  •  Email addresses & maintenance – Client can receive up to 3 email accounts (if applicable) – Email Conguration for clients (outlook, gmail, yahoo, etc.) – Online email access (Webmail). 
  •  Website Support – Minor change requests. -> Based on the requirements (content updates to current pages/designs), 3S Design has the right to bid on a request. In this case, a quote and estimate of cost will be provided to the client which is not covered under this maintenance agreement. 
  • Technical support. -> 3S Design will perform technical advice to the best of our knowledge during the site maintenance coverage period. Support communication can be given thru communication of choice between client & 3S Design (ie. phone, email, social media, text, etc.) 3S Design will work with the server techs to the best of their abilities to correct any issues to the website. IF any performance issues are happening from the server company’s side (SiteGround), 3S Design will consult with the client on any wait periods that may need to happen before the issue is resolved and tested.
  • Updates – 3S Design will perform the routine and emergency updates when applicable to WordPress Core, Avada Theme, and the plugins being used in the MN Ketamine Website.
  • Backups – 3S Design will perform routine backups of the site and ensure that SiteGround is also maintaining regular backups to ensure a restore if a update causes any frontend performance issues with the website.

Payment and Terms: Client will pay to 3S Design the sum of $165.00 for the above services in an annual period and is due upon signature of this agreement. This agreement is valid and active once payment has been received.

Please Note – Any website re-design or enhancements (exluding minor changes) will be under a separate contract or proposal.

Client Consent: Client hereby grants to 3S Design the proper logins/passwords and/or authority to successfully launch the new website to the live environment on 3S Designs preferred hosting service (SiteGround). 3S Design acknowledges that the above website (being administered by 3S Design) is owned by the client whom can choose to transfer website files to another hosting service as long as there are no outstanding payments due.

Notice of Cancellation: The client reserves the right to cancel and transfer their website to another host company with two options available to them. 1. Transfer the site, and keep 3S Design on as site manager for $100.00 annually above the host fee’s incurred by the new host company, 2. Transfer site to a new host company and find a new site manager if desired with their fee structure. If this process is being requested, 3S Design reserves the right to ask for a notice of cancellation by email from the client and will work out the process with the client until it is complete. In all cases, the client will need to work with the new host company to transfer the website files. Please send this cancellation notice within 30 business days of planned transfer so we can schedule it out appropriately with all parties involved. There is no refund if the client chooses to leave the host/maintenance services with 3S Design if during the annual period that has been paid for or if they are leaving 30 days before renewal would happen.

Release and Waiver: Client further agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless 3S Design, and it’s employees. Client understands that 3S Design does not and cannot guarantee success or any particular result. While we shall use our best professional efforts to achieve a successful result, we can make no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied as to the sucess of client business. This agreement contains the entire agreement of the parties specifically named above, and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written.

Signatures: You should read and understand this agreement in it’s entirety. It is a legal and binding contract. 

Signed by Greg Simelgor
Signed on: July 19, 2017

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